SNHLP Winter Convention

Constitutes as a Business Convention according to the Bylaws. THIS IS AN OFFICIAL NOTICE.

The Southern New Hampshire Libertarian Party will have its 2020 Annual Convention (hereinafter Winter Convention) with the following details:

When: January 18th, 2020 4 PM – 6:30 PM (Exact time is TBD)

Where: Airport Diner

Who: Any member of the public may join to watch and socialize; however, only delegate eligible members may vote and take part in the official party business. Please make sure you have connected with the SNHLP Secretary to be on our official list.

What: The official program follows both here and as a downloadable .pdf

Please see the Facebook Event for any related comments and to RSVP


4:00 PM – Call to order

4:02 PM – Membership and Credentialing Report

4:05 PM – Approval of the agenda

4:10 PM – Officer Reports

4:20 PM – County Committee Reports

4:20 PM – Hillsborough County Libertarian Committee (HCLC)

4:25 PM – Merrimack County Libertarian Committee (MCLC)

4:30 PM – Bylaws Committee Report

5:15 PM – Recess

5:20 PM – Officer and Committee Elections: 

Officer: Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, and At-Large

Committee: HCLC Chair and Secretary | MCLC Chair and Secretary | At least three Bylaws Committee members

6:00 PM – New Business

6:30 PM – Adjournment

Current Committee members:Executive Committee:Chair – Richard ManzoVice-Chair – Spencer DiasSecretary – Caleb DyerTreasurer – Ryan WeissAt-Large – AJ OldingBylaws CommitteeChair – Spencer DiasDarryl W PerryChip SpanglerHillsborough County Libertarian Committee LeadershipChair – Spencer DiasSecretary – Caleb DyerMerrimack County Libertarian Committee LeadershipChair – VACANTSecretary – VACANT

Bylaws Committee Report

“The B&R Committee met once in person; however, not much was discussed. This is due to the reforms taken at the last convention. No votes were taken. The two proposals below have no recommendations in any way by this committee.” – Chair Dias

Bylaws Proposal 01

Relative to financial disbursements

Amend Article IX Finances and Accounting

iii Disbursements

All disbursements exceeding $20.00 shall be made solely by check.

Rationale: Checks are not used often anymore. Disbursements are easier to be maintained via debit card where applicable.

Bylaws Proposal 02

Relative to nominations for public office

Amend Article X: Nominations and Elections

i Nominating CommitteeNominations for public office

A Nominating Committee of not less than three members shall be appointed by the chair and approved by the Executive Committee prior to each election. The Committee will be an ad-hoc Committee and shall dissolve at the conclusion of each Convention. This Committee shall report one nominee for each public office at the Convention for such election after which nominations from the floor shall be allowed.The SNHLP EC and the Convention members shall both have the authority to nominate candidates for public office.

Rationale: The convention may nominate if they want to, but the EC should be able to do it too.

Wish to donate to the SNHLP? We accept at this moment just cash, however your volunteering works too! Please see an Executive Committee officer for more information!

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