July 1 2019 Special Convention Update

On Monday, the first of July, 2019, the Southern New Hampshire Libertarian Party held a special convention at which two bylaws amendments and an election were considered by the party membership.

Nine voting members and two non-member guests were in attendance.

The members voted to elect Caleb Dyer, the inaugural Secretary of SNHLP and former Secretary of the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire, to another term in the office of party Secretary.

Both bylaws amendments were passed. Bylaws amendment one passed as amended, and bylaws amendment two was passed as presented.

Bylaws amendment one is as follows:

Art. V Duties of Officers

iv Removal

Officers may be removed by a vote in favor of removal totalling one member less than the whole executive committee.

Bylaws amendment two, a new addition, is as follows:

Art. V Duties of Officers

v Vacancies

When a vacancy shall arise on the Executive Committee, the Executive Committee shall fill said vacancies. In the event the Chair is removed, resigns, or is otherwise vacant, the Vice-Chair shall be acting Chair until a successor is approved by the Executive Committee. The Vice-Chair may be approved as Chair by the Executive Committee, or may return to the Vice-Chair role if another is selected instead.

Vacancies of the Executive Committee shall be filled only by a unanimous vote of the voting Executive Committee members.

The bylaws page of this site has been updated in accordance with these changes.

In Liberty,

Chr. Richard Manzo

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