Treasurer Home Page

The current Treasurer is Spencer Dias. Spencer lives in Goffstown, NH and is on the Budget Committee in Goffstown as well. Spencer also is currently attending Saint Anselm College for a BA in Politics and plans on going to Law School. He serves as the Chair of the Hillsborough County Libertarian Committee and is also on the SNHLP Bylaws Committee.

On the state level, he serves on the Bylaws Committee, delegate to the National Convention, and as US Presidential Elector.

On the national level, he is currently running a campaign for Libertarian National Committee Representative for Region 8 (New England + NY + NJ). He was a delegate to the 2018 LP National Convention in New Orleans for New Hampshire. He serves as an alternate on the LNC Platform Committee for the 2020 Convention.

You can contact Spencer Dias either through the contact page or email him directly at