Chairman Richard Manzo Home Page

Chairman Richard Manzo was first elected at the February 17, 2019 annual convention and returned at the January 18, 2019 convention. Outside of intra-party politics, he is a member of the Goffstown Budget Committee, serving alongside SNHLP treasurer Spencer Dias. He is also the current Vice Chair of the state party, the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire. He is once again a candidate for public office, running as the Libertarian nominee for Hillsborough County Treasurer.

Richard was the recipient of the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire’s “officeholder of the year award” in 2019 and 2020, and the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire’s “Standard Bearer of Liberty” in 2020. Before getting involved in Party leadership at the county or state level, Richard ran as a candidate for both Goffstown Selectman and State Representative from Goffstown’s five-member district.

Richard has stated his main goal in both state Party leadership and on the SNHLP executive committee is to improve the infrastructure of the party, and professionalize it, such that activism is more effectively facilitated.

He can be found on Twitter here and emailed at