2019 LPNH Convention – SNHLP Affiliate Report

My fellow Libertarians,

On February 17, 2019, the Southern New Hampshire Libertarian Party held its annual convention where we passed multiple bylaws amendments and elected the current executive committee. The executive committee includes Chairman Richard Manzo, Vice-Chair Spencer Dias, Secretary Jackie Perry, and Officer-At-Large A.J. Olding. The central body has just elected our permanent Treasurer, Ryan Weiss.

There are a small number of key points in this report.

  1. In Goffstown, two months ago we held our yearly municipal elections. Both Spencer Dias and myself were elected to three year terms on the Budget Committee and Keno was passed.
  2. Nashua and Manchester are major upcoming city elections and we are actively seeking candidates. A.J. Olding can be referred individuals you may know who have interest in running in those cities.
  3. There are also two major volunteer roles available. The Program Committee, which does research on local issues to recommend resolutions to the executive committee, needs members. The Merrimack County Libertarian Committee needs a Secretary. If you are interested in either role please speak to me, Spencer Dias, or Elliot Axelman.
  4. The SNHLP is looking for outreach events, such as old home days and fairs, within Hillsborough and Merrimack counties, to table. If you know of an event in your hometown or would be available to volunteer, please contact a member of the executive committee.
  5. Nashua currently has a bill to raise the age to purchase, possess, and use smoking products to the age of 21 within city limits and A.J. Olding and Justin O’Donnell have been actively opposing the bill at every step.
  6. Darryl Perry has graciously hosted our new website for free, SNHLP.org.
  7. We are also planning to begin taking cryptocurrency donations.
  8. Lastly, there is a donation bucket for the SNHLP at the back of the room at our table. Please go and contribute what you can.

In Liberty,

Richard Manzo

Chairman of the Southern New Hampshire Libertarian Party

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